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Progression, Inc. has received worldwide recognition for its innovation in problem-solving solutions in Magnetic Resonance analysis (MR), Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS), Electrostatic Monitoring and Mass Flow Measurement.

Our proven testing and monitoring technologies are now paving the way for success by improving environmental performance and renewable energy production. From mass flow measurement and electrostatic monitors for the petrochemical industry to MR and LIBS analysis for the coal industry, biofuels industry and mining industry, our engineered approach has demonstrated success in these markets.

The diverse backgrounds of the team at Progression provide a wide range of technical solutions to unique process problems. Over 75% of our staff is comprised of engineers or scientists who specialize in MR analysis and consulting, laser induced breakdown spectroscopy, electrostatic monitoring and mass flow measurement. Based on the significant knowledge of our staff, a range of flexible products and services have been designed for the benefit of each market.

Progression’s product lines include the following technologies:

Magnetic Resonance Testing (MR Testing)
Laser Induced Breakdown Spectrometry (LIBS)
Mass Flow Measurement
Electrostatic Monitoring



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Our Mission:

Transforming imagination into products and services to improve environmental performance and increase productivity for a brighter tomorrow.